How to customize

On-Site Editor Tutorial

How to Use Our On-Site Editor

Welcome to our on-site editor tutorial! Follow these simple steps to customize your case effortlessly.

Step 1: Find Your Phone Model

  1. Navigate to the "Customize" Section
    • Go to our online store and locate the "Customize" category.
  2. Select Your Phone Model
    • Browse through the list of available phone models.
    • Click on your specific phone model to proceed to the customization page.

Once you have selected your phone model, you will be ready to start personalizing it with our intuitive on-site editor.

Step 2: Click "Customize" on the Next Page

  1. Locate the "Customize" Button
    • On the page displaying your selected phone model, find the "Customize" button.
  2. Click "Customize"
    • Click the "Customize" button to open the editor where you can start personalizing your phone.

Step 3: Welcome to Our Editor!

  1. Explore the Editor Interface
    • You will see a template of your future case (for phone, MacBook, iPad).
  2. Add Photos Easily
    • You can add photos from your device, social media, or our gallery (over 10,000 high-resolution photos available).

  1. Edit Your Photos
    • Use the editor to apply filters, crop photos, and utilize many other useful editing features to perfect your design.

Step 4: Finish Your Order

  1. Ready to Finish?
    • Once you are satisfied with your design, you can proceed to complete your order.
  2. Add Special Requests
    • If you have any special requests or additional notes, click on "Add Note" and we will make sure to consider them.

By following these steps, you will create a customized case that suits your style perfectly. Thank you for choosing our service, and happy designing!